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An animal shelter have 1008 cats, dogs, and rabbits. The ratio of the number of dogs to the number of cats in the animal shelter is 3:7. The ratio of the number of rabbits to the number of dogs is 2:5.

How many rabbits are there in the shelter?

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4 answers
  1. d:c = 3:7
    r:d = 2:5
    find a common multiple for d
    d:c = 15:35
    r:d = 6:15

    r:d:c = 6:15:35
    1008/(6+15+35) = 18

    so, there are

    6*18 = 108 rabbits
    15*18 = 270 dogs
    35*18 = 630 cats

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  2. could you please tell me why need find a common multiple in this solve problem math ? thanks!

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  3. oh, ye. i got it. thanks for your help!

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  4. nice question

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