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The Institutional Review Board is a university or college committee that

a. evaluates proposals and awards grant $ to researchers
b. evaluates the methodological soundness of research proposals
c. evaluates the ethical soundness of research
d. all of the above

I think C is the answer is that correct

Suppose you have a 2x2 design in which one of the variables is a between subjects factor and one of the variables is a within subjects factor. Further suppose that there will be 30 subjects in the upper-left hand cell of the 2x2 array. How many subjects are needed to complete the study?
a. 60
c. 120
d. cannot be determined with the available information

IRB's have been criticized by some researchers in psychology. What is an often heard and serious criticism?
a. there is no appeal process to protect researchers from overzealous IRBs
b. IRB procedures slow down the research process
c. because psychologists have always had a keen sense to ethical issues, IRBs are not really needed
d.IRBs should be made up of research scientists only, nonscientists just don't get it.

I think the answer is d.

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