what is another name for a brestbone? (clue:the fifth letter is (n) snd the seventh letter is (m) there is seven letters

what is the strongest muscle in your body?(clue: six letters (g) is the fourth letter)


en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Tongue


Another name for the breastbone is "sternum." You can find this information by searching for "another name for the breastbone" or "synonyms for breastbone" on a search engine. In this case, the clue provided was helpful in narrowing down the search, as it mentioned that the fifth letter is "n" and the seventh letter is "m." Searching for the term "sternum" confirms that it matches the criteria.

The strongest muscle in your body is the "tongue." You can find this information by searching for "strongest muscle in the body" on a search engine. The clue provided mentioned that the fourth letter is "g" which helps narrow down the search. By searching for the term "tongue" and confirming that it has six letters, you can find the answer.