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A stunt pilot of mass 55.0 kg who has been diving her airplane vertically pulls out of the dive by changing her course to a circle in a vertical plane.

A)If the plane's speed at the lowest point of the circle is 95.6 m/s , what is the minimum radius of the circle for the acceleration at this point not to exceed 4.00g ?

B)What is the apparent weight of the pilot at the lowest point of the pullout?

A) V^2/R = 4 g
Solve for R
You don't need the mass M for this part.

B)With an upward acceleration of a = 4g, the apparent weight will be
W = M (g + a) = 5 M g.

g = 9.8 m/s^2 Solve for W

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1 answer

  1. (M(V^2))/R=(M*(acceleration of gravity)*4(or what G cannot be acceded)

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