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Electrons are ejected from a surface with speeds ranging up to 6.0 x 10^5 m/s when light with a wavelength of 400 nm shines on it.

a.) What is the work function of this surface?

b.) What is the threshold frequency for this surface?

c.) What is the deBroglie wavelength of an electrion traveling at its maximum velocity?

Please do not just retype quesations and ask us to do them for you. Read your assignment and look for the equation describing the photoelectric effect. The work function is the greek leter "phi" . The kinetic energy of the emitted charge is given by
E = h* f - e * phi

h is Planck's constant and f is the frequency and e is in this case the charge of an electron.

(b) The threshold frequency is the minimum that it takes to get any emission of electrons as all. Get it by setting E = 0 in the equation above and solving for f.

(c) Familiarize your self with the relationship between velocity and De Broglie wavelength of a particle:
(wavelength) = h/(velocity)
For the velocity, use 6.0 x 10^5 m/s

Im not retyping the wuestios hoping for someone to do them for me. I'm not suppose to be in this class and I've been lost all year. Now its time to study for my final and I need to do good, so Im hoping that you or anyone else can give me the equatoin to use and point me in the right direction.

<<I'm hoping that you or anyone else can give me the equation to use and point me in the right direction.>>

If you are not supposed to be in the class, why are you taking it? You will learn much more from the class if you make an effort to at least find the correct equation. I will be happy to critique your work when I see some evidence of it.

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