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The density of any material can be determined by the slope of a straight line by plotting mass values and vol. values M=DV

Mass g.
#1 0.55 0.60
#2 1.75 1.80
#3 3.50 3.40
#4 5.60 5.25
#5 7.50 7.00

I need to find the slope and graph the info.
So do I make the graph with Y (Vert.) axis being Mass and Vol=x axis and plot points???

Then to Find the slope I am stuck

The only answer choices for slope are
1.094, 0.914 and 1.024 but I can't even get one of those choices.
Please Help Thank you!

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1 answer

  1. I think you want to plot values for mass on the y axis and values for volume on the x axis. That way the slope is y/x (mass/volume) which is density.
    Draw the best straight line you can through or near the points, then choose a convenient delta Y/delta X and calculate slope.

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