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Name an element that has 5 electrons in the third energy level. How do i determine the third energy level

Row three on the periodic table is third energy level

If memory serves me will, it begins with sodium.

Ok. iS Krypton the electron configuration that ends in 4s2, 4p5
I think its (kr)

Krypton is NOT that configuration, it is a member of the Nobel gas family, s2p6

What electron configuration ends in 4s2,4p5?

If Kr ends in 4s2 4p6, then 4s2 4p5 must be the element BEFORE Kr and you would expect to find that element in group VIIA. But your original question was an element with 5 electrons in the third energy level. That will be 3s2 3p3 and I would expect that element to be found in group VA.

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