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a 60 km/h wind is blowing in a direction 30 degrees north of east.

a. what is the component of the velocity oriented to the east?
b. what is the component of the velocity oriented to the north?

The component east is 60cos30.

For both a and b, draw a diagram with a horizontal line. That is east.
Move counter clockwise 60o and draw a line. That line represents 60 km/hr. Drop a line from the end of the 60 km/hr line perpendicular to the east vector. You have a right triangle. You should be able to use the sin and cos to find the north and east vectors.

I made a typo and wrote 60oinstead of 30o

actually, what is the meaning of component of the velocity oriented to the east and north?

Suppose you are moving toward the North-East, then both your East and North coordinates are increasing. The component of your "velocity oriented to the east" is simply the rate per unit time at which your East coordinate is increasing.

It appears from your question that there are somethings in vectors you are missing: Components and resolution of vectors.

Give this a minute or two to load. You must have Java installed to work it.

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