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1. Academic preparation: How have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to prepare for college?

I have taken advantage of the many great opportunities in my education to grow as a student and, most importantly, as a person. I enrolled in several Honors and AP classes in order to challenge myself academically and to arm myself with knowledge that will be beneficial for college. In addition, due to the high amount of work required for Honors and AP classes, I had to cope with meeting the various deadlines for assignments for all my classes. As a consequence, I developed time management skills and the ability to prioritize. These skills will greatly help me during college for in college a successful student must be able to manage time effectively in order to meet the various requirements. During my high school years, I was enrolled in several Honors and AP classes, which provided me with an opportunity to work more closely with teachers one-on-one (than was possible during regular classes). Because AP and Honor class sizes are rather small, I was able to receive more help before and after school from my teachers with my work. My teachers really took the time out of their busy schedules to ensure that everyone was provided with the tools needed to succeed. In contrast, those who teach regular classes rarely have time to tutor individual students. As a person, I have learned to make time in my schedule to give back to the community. Helping my community has, in turn, helped make me a better person. It feels good to devote some time on the weekends to become involved in issues and feel connected with others. After all the obstacles I have had to overcome and lessons I have had to learn, I have concluded that nothing is ever going to prevent me from achieving my goals. One of my top priorities now is to further my education so that I may serve my community better. With the support of my parents and friends who have always believed in me, I am confident that I have the ability and the drive to succeed, as well as the courage to face any challenge that I may encounter.

wow that's really good. but what is that question? Do you want us to reword it?Make it longer?

If you're looking for help in what to include or not, one good place is -- go to the "For Students" section and under the "Apply to College" heading, click on "College Essays."


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  1. i think yu really should add personality because you want the college to feel connected with want to add information that they don't already get advice is pick one particular obstacle and draw on that reflect the question if its about acedemics pick a story where yu had some trouble and how yu overcame that

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