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You should make two selections from the list below.

Which two of the four equations represents parallel lines?

2x - 3y = -10

6x - 9y = 15

3x + 2y = 10

9x + 6y = 30
i think it's the second one

Parallel lines have the same slope. Rework your equations to be in the form
y=mx + b

Then see which two equations have the same "m"

I am not guessing!I did the work!

Rewrite the equations in the format y = mx + b. "m" will be the slope. Pick the two with the same slope.

The first equation, in y = mx + b format, is
y = (2/3) x + (10/3)
You do the others

No I am supposed to find out which one is correct!

Read your question again. It asks, "Which two" and that means you pick TWO equations out of the four and you want the two you choose to be parallel.

I got the first and that correct?

Did you do what the first two answers told you to do? If so, please post your work. I see it is the 3rd and 4th one

Show your work.


You added equation 3 to equation 4 (correctly, I might add), then set x=0 (how can you do that?) to end up with y = 3 (which isn't correct because x is not zero). But the two people who anwered first said to put it into the form
y = mx + b and showed you how to do that for equation 1. You need to do that for equation 2, 3, and 4. Then you will know which two to pick. Otherwise you are guessing.

It isn't in the form
y = mx + b
Show your work to put the four equation in that form. Drwls showed you how to do that for equation 1.

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