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An 11m beam is subjected to a load, and the shear force follows the equation V(x)=5+0.25x^2 where V is the shear force, x is the length in distance along the beam, V=dM/dx where M is the bending moment M=Mo+integration of Vdx from 0 to x. If Mo is zero and x=11, calculate M using MULTIPLE SEGMENT TRAPEZOIDAL RULE. use 2.2m increments

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  1. Integrate 5 + 0.25x^2, from x=0 to x = 11, using the trapezoidal rule of numerical integration.

    To do it the way they want, compute V(x) at x = 0, x = 2.2 m , x = 4.4 m, x = 6.6 m, x = 8.8 m and x = 11 m.

    I assume you know how the trapezoidal rule works. If not, look it up in your class notes, text or online.

    Basically, you add up the V(x) values at the four interior points, add the average of V(x=0) and V(x=11), and multiply the sum by the increment width, 2.2 m.

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