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A company has an overhead application rate of 125% of direct labor costs. How much overhead would be allocated to a job if it required total direct labor cost of $20,000?


The R&R Company's production costs for August are: direct labor, $13,000; indirect labor, $6,500; direct materials, $15,000; property taxes on production equipment, $800; heat, lights and power, $1,000; and insurance on plant and equipment, $200. R&R Company's factory overhead incurred for August is:

M.A.E. charged the following amounts of overhead to jobs during the year: $20,000 to jobs still in process, $60,000 to jobs completed but not sold, and $120,000 to jobs finished and sold. At year-end, M.A.E. Company's Factory Overhead account has a credit balance of $5,000, which is not a material amount. What entry should M.A.E. make at year-end?
No entry is needed.
Debit Factory Overhead $5,000; credit Cost of Goods Sold $5,000.
Debit Cost of Goods Sold $5,000; credit Factory Overhead $5,000.
Debit Factory Overhead $5,000; credit Goods in Process Inventory $5,000.
Debit Factory Overhead $5,000; credit Finished Goods Inventory $5,000.

During March, the production department of a process manufacturing system completed a number of units of a product and transferred them to finished goods. Of the units transferred, 25,000 were in process at the beginning of March and 110,000 were started and completed in March. March's beginning inventory units were 100% complete with respect to materials and 55% complete with respect to labor. At the end of March, 30,000 additional units were in process in the production department and were 100% complete with respect to materials and 30% complete with respect to labor. Compute the number of units transferred to finished goods.

13Aniston Enterprises manufactures stylish hats for sophisticated women. All materials are introduced at the beginning of the manufacturing process in the Cutting Department. Conversion costs are incurred uniformly throughout the manufacturing process. As the cutting of material is completed, the pieces are immediately transferred to the Sewing Department. Information for the Cutting Department for the month of May follows.

Goods in Process, May 1 (50,000 units, 100% complete for direct materials, 40% complete with respect to direct labor and overhead; includes $70,500 of direct material cost; $34,050 of conversion costs).
Units started in May - 225,000
Units completed in May - 200,000
Goods in Process, May 31 (75,000 units, 100% complete for direct materials; 20% complete for conversion costs).
Costs incurred in May
Direct material - 342,000
Conversion costs - 352,950
If Aniston Enterprises uses the FIFO method of process costing, compute the equivalent units for materials and conversion costs respectively for May.
225,000; 225,000.
200,000; 195,000
275,000; 200,000
225,000; 195,000
200,000; 200,000

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