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Below is how students feel about the NYS Math test that is days away(Is there any corrections I can make or add?)

Are the students at I.S.230 really ready for the NYS Math Test?


By: Anonymous

Mostly all the students at I.S.230 in Jackson Heights, Queens have been preparing through out the year for the NYS Math Test, that is on May 11 & 12.

It is a very big year for all the students at I.S.230, especially for the seventh graders this is because the 7th grade report card are looked at by the high schools, seventh graders apply at the beginning of 8th grade.

The seventh grade math teachers, Mr. Coye, Ms. Gonzalez, and Ms.Laylor all have been preparing the seventh grade students very hard for the NYS Math Test by giving them many test/quizzes through out the year to see the student’s weaknesses, soon to become as the students strengths.

There are many mixed opinions about the test, that is just days away. Some just want to get over with the test while others are preparing very hard for the NYS Math Test. “I can’t wait to get over with the test” said Jorge Pacheco, age 12, a student at I.S.230.

The students might also have negative opinions that might have the math teachers not like what they hear. “Math is a subject that is my weakest. I way not do so well” said another I.S.230 student, Jerry Neirra.

While Kevin Livicuscha, age 12, another I.S.230 student said, “It will be a piece of cake that is because Mr. Coye and Ms. Gonzalez thought students in class 711 so much through out the year.

There are also many students that feel confident in passing the NYS Math Test. “The test was easy, that is what everyone says after taking any test, while the students were racing against the clock, while the test is being taken” says Jorge Pacheco, age 12, also a student at I.S.230.

Students however, do not always pass the NYS Tests and stay for AIS the following year for extra help the student’s weaknesses are, in order to pass the next year or stay left behind in the same grade again. There are also “Happy Endings” most of the times, “Effort pays off eventually!

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  1. PLEASE either read this aloud to someone (not just to yourself) or ask someone else to read it aloud to you.

    Then revise.

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