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All schools in BC(private and public schools) should be fully funded by the Ministry of Education.

I know that there could be Cons to this as well. But Ive got to list the Pros.

The Pros

- All students should not need to pay to receive education. It should be free.
-Not all families can afford to pay fees for certain electives.
-The government should be helping since they are the ones with the money.
-Education is the future. If one cannot receive education, then one will not be able to earn high income in future.
-There wont be differences between poor and rich
-For the private schools, students should get to learn about religion in free.

Need more Pros. And just want to know what Cons would be.

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  1. Another pro:

    Educated people make more money and thus pay more taxes to the government. It's in the government's best interest to ensure that it nurtures future taxpayers.

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    Ms. Sue

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