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Explain the importance of an organized new-product development process and illustrate how it might be used for.

a. A new care product
b. A new children’s toy and
c. A new subscribers-only cable television channel

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1 answer

  1. Well, if you don't have a clear process of how you develop your new-product you won't be able to measure potential sucess or failure of the product, will you?

    One example process...
    Say you have employees draft their ideas (you'd say what they need to include) and then submit it to their manager.If the manager likes it he can submit to his supervisor, who will approve or disprove it. Then it will follow a set manufacturing process etc.

    Its much more clear than having employees just starting products and loosing valuable money and time. If you have a process then your business works more efficiantly.

    To answer a b and c I'd draft an example procedure and apply it, mebbe a different one for each question. Then evaluate the pros and cons of the process.

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