For each of the pairs of bases below, choose the stronger base:

(i) NH2- or NH3
(ii) ClO3- or ClO2-
(iii) Cl3CCOO- or Cl2HCCOO-

For i) I think it is NH2-, because it has a stronger ability to attract an H+ atom to become de-ionized.

For ii) I don't know how to determine it.

For iii) I think it is Cl2HCCOO- because it has a higher H+ concentration and it is less completely protonated than Cl3CCOO-.

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  1. Sorry, for iii) I meant that I think Cl3CCOO- is the stronger base.

  2. You might want to look up Kb or an amide vs Kb for NH3. NH3 is the stronger base. Compare Kb for each.

    HClO3 and HClO2 are acids. HClO3 is the stronger acid; therefore, HClO2 is the stronger base. Compare Ka values. HClO2 has a Ka, HClO3 is a strong acid.

    Cl3CCOOH is a stronger acid (due to the added Cl) than Cl2HCCOO^-; therefore, Cl2HCCOO^- is the stronger base. Look up the Ka values and compare.

  3. So for ii) If HClO2 is the stronger base, then does that mean that ClO2 is also the stronger base?

  4. Of HClO3 and HClO2, HClO2 is the weaker acid; therefore, ClO2^- is the stronger base.

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