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I have posted some chem question below can somebody answer them plzzzzzz

Multiple posts asking people to answer your questions will get you banned. Please be patient as someone will help you as soon as possible.

If you were travling from Devner,Colardo to Bishmark, North Dakota, what dirction would you be going?

I have less than 10 questions, and it would be very nice if they could be answered today soon... plz... :D
1.) Why are the economies of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam not fully developed?
2.) What three Southeast Asian countries share one island?
3.) What major food crop is grown in mainland Southeast Asia?
4.) What are the four Major islands of Indonesia?
5.) Why did many people flee Cambodia during the 1970's?
6.) Why is only one-third of the philipenes suitabe for farming?

What were he south's specific economic greivences against the norht during the cival war period? What measures did the south take to remedy this situation,and how was it successful were the measures.

what word describes a country made upon a number of islands?

wat the hell is sutmar?

what geographic barriers separate india from the rest of the continent?

what are the services of the circulation department in a library

Which city is closest the the Equator, Georgetown, Rio de Janeiro, Cayenne, Panama or Montevideo?


is the tropic of capricon north or south of the equator??

The Himalaya Mountains

Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They all share the island of Borneo.

No clue

Which commdity France the leading producer?

Discuss the teritary economic activity in Louisiana and its locational pattern?

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