K I'm having difficulty on this riddle:

A woman goes 4 a walk, and it begins 2 rain. She is not wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella. As she continues walking, her shoes and clothes get wet but her hair doesn't get wet. How can this be???

i tink it myte b a flood...hmm..idk...

She is bald!

wow, lol, how stupid...

Duh! She was blald!

in front of you are three light switches... only one does anything, and it turns on the light downstairs... From here you cant see the light and it makes no sound. You must determine which switch operates the light, BUT you can only go check it once. How do you figure out which switch is for the light?

turn two of them on nad if the light turns on then just leave it the way it is because then you would have to turn one of them off but you don't which one it is so leave it alone like that, but if the light doesn't turn on the first time you check you'll know that the last one that you haven't turned on will be the right switch.

not necessarily. she could have a jacket or sweater or rain jacket with a hood on and not get her hair wet.

not necessarily. she could have a jacket or sweater or rain jacket with a hood on it and could have cut the jacket part off of it which would leave only the hood on her head.

im having trouble with this riddle,

i can sail upon water or be filled with it. i am a.....

i dunno what it could be?

A boat poopy

You're right, there are multiple possible explanations for why the woman's hair doesn't get wet. She could be wearing a rain jacket with a hood that covers her head, or she could be bald. Both explanations are valid interpretations of the riddle.

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The woman going for a walk riddle has multiple possible answers, and both of your explanations are valid possibilities. It's important to note that riddles often have more than one plausible solution, and creativity in thinking outside the box can lead to alternative answers.

Now, let's move on to the second riddle about the light switches. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to figure out the switch that operates the light downstairs:

1. Start by turning on one of the switches and leaving it on for a few minutes.
2. After that, turn off the first switch and turn on the second switch.
3. Now, proceed to go downstairs and observe the light.

Here's what you can deduce from the given steps:

- If the light is on, then the second switch controls the light.
- If the light is off, but warm to the touch, then the first switch was the one you left on and controls the light.
- If the light is off and cool to the touch, then the last switch, which remains off, controls the light.

This way, you only have to check the switches once to determine which one operates the light downstairs.