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Use a graph to estimate the limit:

lim θ->0 (sin(5θ)/θ)

Note: θ is measured in radians. All angles will be in radians in this class unless otherwise specified.

I tried graphing it on my calculator but the limit I got is incorrect.

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1 answer

  1. Soon, if not already, you will come across this limit

    limit sinx/x = 1, where x is in radians

    your question "almost" looks like that, let's doctor it up so it does

    lim sin(5Ø)/Ø as Ø ---> 0
    = lim 5 sin(5Ø)/(5Ø) as Ø ---> 0
    = lim 5 (1) = 5

    When you tried it on your calculator, was it set to radians?
    It worked on mine.

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