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I have to do a paper over current events...I have no clue what to do it over, and its due tomorrow...any suggestions? Thanx a lot! *lynn

Today's biggest news story is Hurricane Katrina that devastated so much of the Gulf Coast and killed at least 80 people. Check your daily paper or these websites for information about that and other current events.

im going to do it over Natalee Holloway, but thanks so much!

You're welcome. But I don't understand why you'd report on one person who disappeared several weeks ago and ignore the colossal loss of life from Hurricane Katrina that has killed at least 80 people in the last 24 hours.

I agree. The word "current" in current events means what's going on right now. The whole thing with Katrina -- the storm itself and the aftermath, which will last for months and years -- is as current as possible.

Why don't you call a friend to help you with it!


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  1. it’s been 16 years

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