Can somebody help me out here. I want to know why I am good with math problems but I don't get word problems until it is made out of a equation.

The reason is that you have learned math as procedures and facts...math as a form of thinking, or analysis, hasn't sunk into your way of thinking math yet. Practice, practice, practice, because Math is analysis...the procedures and facts just form a basis of thinking, just as grammar and spelling form the basis of writing.

oh so can you give me some word problems for pre algebra and see if the answer I give you is right.

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  1. Im a young gril that is doing home work right now can some one help me with it its kinda hard its like Tanya bakes 12 muffins.She selld 9 of them at the bake sale.How many muffins does she have now?

  2. bru its 12 - 9 = 3
    your answer is three

  3. wait im sorry 2005...?

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