A father's age is 3 times his son's age. Sum of their ages is 44 years. Find their ages.

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  1. let x be the father's age and y be the son's age..
    x= 3times the age of son
    father's age{x) + son's age (y) = 44
    now we have these
    x+y =44
    substitute x with 3y for the 2nd equation
    so we now we have 3y+y=44
    u can solve this from here.
    after getting the y(the son's age) you can find the dad's (x) age by myltiply the son's age by 3 ..GOODLUCK :)

  2. Why not just stick with one variable.

    son's age --- x
    father's age -- 3x , it said so

    x+3x = 44
    x = 11 --son
    3x = 33 -- father

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