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for english class i have to write a poem personifying something. I chose to personify a picture in a picture frame. I am not at all good at poems and was wondering if you guys could read mine and tell me what changed i should make and if its really bad and i should just start over :/ lol

~Picture in a Picture Frame~

Oh, picture in a picture frame.

How you write us a story with just a few simple colors and shapes.

You can replay a story that happened many years ago

You can breathe life into a still photo.

On a desk,on a table, on a mantle, whereever you are and wereever you go You write a beautiful story, a song, a play, or a novel.

Your worth a thousand words.

Oh, picture in a picture frame.

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  1. The second line needs to be rhymed whith something as well as the fifth.

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