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Many analytical instruments require liquid nitrogen. While filling an instrument with liquid nitrogen, an analytical chemist slips and spills the contents of the dewer, 25L, onto the floor. Since the boiling point of liquid nitrogen at 1atm is 77.4 K, all the nitrogen boils away to gas very quickly. The density of liquid nitrogen is 804kg/m^3. What volume of nitrogen gas is produced from the liquid nitrogen spill if the temperature of the room is 25 degrees C at 1 atm?

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  1. What is the mass of 25 L N2 gas?
    mass = volume x density = 25 L x 804 g/L = ?? grams.

    How many moles is that?
    moles = ??grams/molar mass

    What volume is that?
    PV = nRT
    You have P, n, R, and T, solve for V.
    Note: I might fuss a little about the problem. My opinion is that the gas will fill the room, whatever its dimensions."-)

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