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The distance from A to B is d km and that from B to C is x km. if a bus maintains an average speed of 50km/hr between A and B and 60km/hr between B and C, it takes 3 hours to travel from A to C. If it maintains 60km/hr between A and B and 50km/hr between B and C, the journey takes 8 minutes less. What is the distance from A to C via B?

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2 answers
  1. time= distance/speed.

    3hrs= d/50 + x/60

    2hrs 52min= d/60 + x/50 or
    172/60 hrs= d/60 + x/50

    I would multiply the first equation by 50, the second by 60

    subtract the second from the first.
    solve for x.
    Then, put x in either equation, solve for d. you are looking for x+d

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  2. Mathematics

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