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Which of the following mixtures will be a buffer when dissolved in a liter of water?

a. 0.1 mol Ca(OH)2 and 0.3 mol HI

b. 0.3 mol NaCl and 0.3 mol HCl

c. 0.4 mol NH3 and 0.4 mol HCl

d. 0.2 mol HBr and 0.1 mol NaOH

e. 0.2 mol H3PO4 and 0.1 mol NaOH

i think e is answer but not sure.

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1 answer
  1. A buffer is one containing a weak acid and its salt or a weak base and its salt. I think e also, NaOH added to H3PO4 forms NaH2PO4 and there is some H3PO4 left over.

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