When do most K-12 schools begin session this year?

Most of the public schools in the Houston, TX, area have already started. In Southern California, most will start around Sept 1st or right after Labor Day.

Western PA. I start wendsday

Thank you.

Well, in Texas almost of all the schools started on Aug15.If not the week after that!

To determine when most K-12 schools begin sessions, you can search for the academic calendar of the specific school district, state, or region you are interested in. Typically, this information is available on the school district's website or the state's department of education website.

In the case of the Houston, TX area, you mentioned that most public schools have already started their sessions around August 15th or within the following week. This information can be found by checking the academic calendar for the respective school districts in that area.

For Southern California, you mentioned that most schools will start around September 1st or right after Labor Day. This information can be verified by referring to the academic calendars of the school districts in that region.

Lastly, for Western PA, you mentioned that school starts on Wednesday. To confirm the specific date for school start in that area, you can check the academic calendar of the school district you are referring to.

To summarize, the best way to determine when schools begin their sessions is to consult the academic calendars of the respective school districts or state departments of education. These calendars are usually available on their websites.