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28. Use the Distributive Property to simplify x(4x^2 + x + 4)

Is it 4x^3 + x^2 + 4x?

42. To which set of numbers does 0 not belong?

46. Pi belongs to which group of real numbers?
a. Odd numbers
b. rational numbers
c. irrational numbers

48. Can a number be both irrational and an integer?
a. yes
b. no
c. sometimes

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2 answers
  1. 48. No, think about that.
    46 right
    42 books have been written on what zero means. In poorly written high school texts, the issues are ignored, and they just give you some things to memorize. Commonly, zero is not thought of as a whole number, nor a positive integer, nor a negative integer, however, it is commonly included in the set of "non-negative integers".
    Zero did not exist at all until Descartes started to use it as a place holder in the 1700's, well after math had been invented. He did this as a part of the French Academy's efforts to standardize math notation.

    Before Descartes efforts, 1500 would have been written as 15--, and 30+150 would have been tabulated this way
    total 18-
    If your math teacher is enough to ask you this question, look it up in your textbook and memorize the textbook's definition for the test.
    28. correct

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