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(2u^3-13u^2-8u+7) divided by (u-7)

u-7 !2u^3-13u^2-8u+7

then -6u
u-7 -6u^2 -8u +7
-6u^2 +42u

then -50
u-7 -50u +7
-50u + 350
then a remainder of -343


i don't get algebra

The sum of m and n, divided by the difference of m and n

a party mix is made by combining nuts that sell for $3.50 per lb with raisins that seel for $1.50 per lb. How much of each should be used to get 32 lbs of a mix that will sell for 2.75 per lb?

i need help on algebra word problems

what is the recipolof-3

i need help




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  1. tHiS iS oLd

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