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Need help with these--

8. Medicinal uses of plants include all of the following EXCEPT
a. cancer treatment
b. treatment of cardiac disorders
c. decongestant
d. albinism treatment

9. Two plants that are used to make BOTH paper and cloth are
a. bamboo and flax
b. flax and cotton
c. sisal and bamboo
d. rice and cotton
Not sure...I think it might be either A or B

12. The "plumbing system" that transports water and nutrients throughout a plant is called
a. epidermis
b. vascular tissue
c. pith
d. transpiration

13. The movement of water through a plant is caused, in part, by
a. the attraction of water molecules for each other
b. osmosis
c. transpiration
d. all of the above?


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1 answer
  1. 12 vascular tissue
    13 d
    9. While I don't know of any rice cloth, the others sisal and bamboo,and flax can all be made into paper or cloth. A guick google search confirms this.
    8 d

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