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Please sorry for posting the first question more than once, did that when i didn't have any responce.Thanx so much for the answers,they were the best ones i got.I have another set of questions to ask, they are;

1.Please give a detailed{i.e step-by step}outline for the setting of a diagnostic test in mensuration.
2.What are the concepts involved in mensuration?

A math teacher may give you more specific information, but here are a few websites to get you going:


Thanx for the reply but that wasn't what i needed.
I need an outline on how to set a test such that the lack of{conceptual,logical,translational}skill can be picked out.Then i also need to know the topics involved in mensuration.
Thanx so much,Please i'm very desperate for an answer.God bless.

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1 answer

  1. mensuration
    work shop calculation

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