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ok, can somebody explain how to do this?

simplify by adding like terms. write the answer with all variables in the numerator.
x^2y 4x^2p^3 2xp 5y
---- - ------- - ------- - -----
p^-3 y^-1 y^-1p^2 p^-3x^-2

PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i'm homeschooled so i cant continue w/ the rest of my subjects until i know how to do this. thanx.
-AlLy E.

Moving all the denominator terms to the numerator (changing the signs of the exponents in the denominator..)

x^2y 4x^2p^3 2xp 5y p^3 y^1 y^1p^-2p^3x^2

Then combining like terms.
x^(2+2+1+2) y^(4+1+1)p^(3+3-2) check that.

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