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i have my input output table but i don't know how to complete the sentence

inputx / 0/ 1/ 2/ 3/
outputy/ 0/ 1/ 4/ 9/

the question is: does the table represent a function?juatify your answer.

___,because for each____there__ exactly one____.

It will be a function if for each input there is only one output, is that the case here?


i don't get input and output tables!

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1 answer

  1. I know you asked this 6 years ago, but someone may learn something from this answer:

    You have a peculiar set of inputs and outputs. The first two especially should give you a hint: they're the same! 0 squared is 0; similarly, 1 squared is 1. If you square your other inputs, you'll see they're the same way.

    Your fill-in-the-blank sentence is given a hint in the next sentence: a function has only one output for each input, that is, you won't input 3 and get both 6 and 10. So your sentence is "yes, because for each input there is exactly one output."

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