Given the plot of 1 vs 1ni2, what is the value of nf?


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  1. Series is Lyman
    nf is 1

  2. can u stop trying to trick people. I got the series which is balmer, but i couldn't find the number for nf

  3. that answer is correct

  4. nf is 2

  5. nf=3

  6. First answer is correct! all others are false

  7. ANSWER is nf=3. i tried it

  8. The answer is Lyman, nf=1

  9. its nf=3 paschen

  10. Its Balmer nf = 2. I just tried it. Don't listen to nf = 1 or 3.

  11. i just submitted it and its nf=2 and balmer

  12. i think we might have different graphs, but nf-3 paschen worked for me

  13. yeah i got nf-2 balmer

  14. nf=2 don't listen to the other bs

  15. wait.. how do you find nf?

  16. I got nf=1, lyman. But the problem is unlimited, so it doesn't matter with all of the bs answers here anyways.

  17. nf:2 balmer

  18. nf=2 Balmer , cross my heart, thanks fellow anteaters :)

  19. nf=2 & balmer!

  20. Balmer, nf =2

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