What exactly is political composition?

I need to do a powerpoint on the "decade of greed" basically Reagan and the 80's. I have searched and searched to no avail... please help, and thanks.

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  1. Two of us have discussed your first question and don't know what "political composition" means in this context. I suggest you ask your instructor for clarification.

  2. LOL, well doesn't that beat it all? I did a search so I know the two words go together, however the search does not explain to me what I need.
    Thanks for the help anyway.

  3. http://www.ronaldreagan.com/nr_16.html

    is one of many places you can find by Googling "decade of greed".

  4. I suppose they mean by political composition how many in the legislative and executive branch were Democrats, Republicans or other during the 1980s. Ronald Reagan (Republican) is usually singled out as representative of the era.

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