(3a^3 b^3 c^5)^2(2a^2 b^3 c^3)^3 =...???

-Do I need to FOIL the both pairs of parenthesis or multiply both pair of parenthesis by their exponents?

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  1. You need to raise the constants to the powers indicated, and add the exponents of terms that get multiplied together. Numbers that get raised to a power have their exponents multiplied by that power.

    It has notion got do with FOIL. You use that when multiplying the sums of two numbers, like (a + b)(c + d)

    For the first step, raise the terms in parentheses to the powers indicated.

    (3a^3 b^3 c^5)^2 = 9 a^6 b^6 c^10

    (2a^2 b^3 c^3)^3 = 8 a^6 b^9 c^9

    Now multiply both of those numbers together by adding exponents of like terms. You should get 72 a^12 b^15 c^19

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