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Velocity and displacement with uniform acceleration:

1. A car with an initial speed of 23.7 km/h accelerates at a uniform rate of 0.92 m/s^2 for 3.6 s. Find the final speed and the displacement of the car during this time.

The final speed is 36 km/h. is this right? did i do the significant figures right?

Displacement: .030 km

2. A driver of a car traveling at 15.0 m/s applies the brakes, causing a uniform acceleration of -2.0 m/s^2. How long does it take the car to accelerate to a final speed of 10.0 m/s? How far has the car moved during the braking period?

2.5 s to accelerate to final speed
31.25 m - displacement

Your answers look alright to me. For 2. there are only 2 sig figs since accel is-2.0, so I think the final answer is 31m. The sig figs looked ok for 1.

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