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what is u

Can you take it from here?

so I would have combine like terms then add right?

what about 3(n-2)-2(3-n)=4(n-3)

same thing...use distributive property to multiply, do the operations, solve for n
give it a try...

u could be "any" number. Since you don't know its value, just multiply by it, like this...(remember the distributive property). First one side of equal, then the other...
3x4u - 3x6 = (2x4u - 2x3) -u +8 (last part is because -x+ is - and -x- is +...but you know that, right) Now do the math
3x4u= 12u (see how it works?) Now try...

i still don't understand how to find the value of u

you would have to do the math operations for each side of the equation.

12u - 18 = 8u -6 -u +8
Now put the similar terms together on one side and solve for u, like this
12u - 8u +u = 18 +8 -6 Now try and went you get to the part where a number multiplies U = a number, divide the number by coefficient of U...follow me?

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  1. rererer

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  2. 3/4(12u-8) in distributive property

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