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match the word with the definition:

(A)Personal exemptions
(C)Tax credits
(D)Itemized deductions

(1) The amount you may be able to deduct from your adjested gross income based on how you spent your money during the year.

(2) A set amount subracted from your adjusted gross income for you and each member of your family that is not dependent on filing status.

(3) An amount subtracted or added to your gross income

(4) an amount subtracted directly off of your Total Tax owed.

I think
A = 1
B= 4
C= 3
D = 2

Is this correct... Ive never done tax defintions

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1 answer
  1. I do not think you have any of them right, but you put them in the good category.

    If you have not done tax definitions, and this is your homework, perhaps it's time you start.

    Give it another try after you have read up on the subject, and post your answers for verifications.

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