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the derivative of 2x^e is zero right or no? do i have to use the log formula

2 x^e is x to the power 2.718.. It is not a constant and therefore the derivative is not zero.

Use the formula for the derivative of x to a power that is constant (x^a). The formula for that may involve a log.

Are you sure you did not mean e^x? The derivative of that is not zero either.

Please let us know if you need further help.

I should finish up that last question because I was incorrect in saying the formula involved a logarithm.

The derivative of x^a with respect to x is just a x^(a-1)

so the derivative of 2 x^e is
2e x^(e-1)

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  1. If in form of multiplication then (frist)(derivative of second)+(second)(darivative of frist)

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