In window Vista, which process allows you to display two documents side by side

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  1. By now, I hope you know that Windows XP and Windows Vista are very different from each other.

    I'm still using XP, by choice, because of all the negatives I've heard and read about Vista. Now Vista is surpassed by Windows 7. Now we'll see if it's better.

    I imagine that Vista users can choose to view documents by "tiles" as is also done in Word, Excel, and other Microsoft product -- a way to display more than one document at a time. When in Vista, click on Start and find the Help item in the menu.

  2. There are two ways:
    If you have side by side monitors, vista can drive two monitors at the same time, both with different windows. I am not such a multitasker.
    The other way, the way I do it, is to make each window 1/2 the screen (left, right), then put each document in the different windows. The problem here is small print, if you have a large monitor, this is not a problem.

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