A rectangular solid has a top face with surface area of 28 ft, a front face with surface area of 20 ft, and a side face with surface area of 70 ft. What is the volume of this solid?

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  1. There are two ways to approach the problem:
    1. Calculate the side lengths, a,b and c.

    Therefore by dividing ac by bc, we get
    substitute a=2b/7 into equation (1) gives 2b/7*b=28 => b²=98 => 7√2

    You can calculate similarly the other sides.

    You are looking for the product abc, from which ab=28
    All the products are known, the quotient has been calculated in part 1.
    So the volume abc can be calculated directly.

  2. umm still lost.....

  3. Did you try method 1 or method 2?

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