Could someone see if I got any of the questions wrong. I feel that some questions have multiple answers but there is only one that is correct. Please help. thanks a lot

State whether each scenario is an example of assimilation or accommodation.

1. A child has always used a fork to eat his food. Today the child is learning how to use chopsticks to eat.

2. Running late for his hockey game, Moe has to borrow a teammate’s stick in order to play.

3. A child knows how to button his new jacket because he knew how to button his shirt.

4. A girl learns how to walk in high heels instead of flats.

5. After getting a “big-boy” bed, Herman has to be cautious not to roll off because it does not have guardrails like his old bed.

2 answers

  1. Yes, you missed several.

    assimilate: to take in things in which can fit into preexisting categories or theory.
    accommodate: to take in things which don't fit into preconceived thinking.

  2. I have seen that site. Why don't you tell me which I got wrong

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