How might a novice confuse the following advance directives within the Patient Self-Determination Act when distinguishing information as administrative or clinical?

Ann Sullivan MBA BSN

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  3. i agree with guru. this is here to ask questions and find help, not to get someone to do your assignment fo ryou. i am also in this class, but i did my work and got an "A" on it. READ THE MATERIAL PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL. THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE.

  4. I may be incorrect, I could use some help with this question as well please....

  5. Distinguishing between the two...

    Advanced directives are administrative data until the patients receives or undergoes treatment. Advanced directives become clinical when the patient is receiving medical care.

    OK... so am I way off base, could use a hint if I am even heading in the right direction.

  6. Never mind found the answer

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