We sing a song entitled He drinks tequila,and she talks dirty in spanish ^ there are a couple of phrases that I don't know the meaning of could you help please. the first is "a brasa mi puerta" The second is "to dal ay nochay"

I hope this is not offensive to anyone in fact that is the point of my question

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  1. Do you know the title of this song? Then we might find all the words for you. "Brasa" I doubt, so "abrasa" = we light fire to the door OR "abraza" = we embrace/hug the door.

    The 2nd is most probably "toda la noche" = all night long


  2. abrazame muy fuerte - hold me tightly
    embrace me tightly

  3. It should be abrázame fuerte, which means "hold me tight".

    The other is toda la noche which means "all night".

    brasa mi puerta means "grill my door" LOL

  4. Song title - he drinks tequila she talks dirty in Spanish by Sammy Kershaw and Lorrie Morgan. Available n You Tube

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