If the absolute temperature of a gas is 600K, the temperature in degrees Celsius is?

C= K-273

327 C

what is the first step to designing an experiment

what is a mole in measurement like mole mass.
please help me get info.

explain the relationship between velocity and acceleration

What is physical science?

What kind of bond is Be Cl 2

what is (potential energy)energy stored in a __________ object,giving it the potentialto cause change.

I need help! what is it called when a solid changes to a gas, i know it starts with a s

a solution

I need help with energy under physical science curriculum

If the absolute temperature of a gas is 600k, the temperature in degrees celsius is

We are doing Japan.

What are the properties of Oxygen?

What variable is potted on the horizontal or x-axis of a graph? what variable is potted on the vertical or y-axis of a graph?

How can geography make us smarter and more responsible?

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  1. what is earth science

  2. find the rate of acceleration a force of 20N would give to a mass of (a)5kg (b)40kg, (c) 100kg

  3. 20 cubic inches of a gas with an absolute pressure of 5 psi is compressed?

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