If someone could see if I have the right answers, and if I don't maybe give me some hints on what to do to get to the right answerr, please.

1. Calculate the heat required to raise the temperature of 150g of water by 25.0°C. [For pure water specific heat capacity=4.18Jg^-1K^-1]

Answer=15.675kJ ? (using mass*specific heat capacity*change in temp?)

2. The calorimeter constant of a flame calorimeter is 5.83*10^3JK^-1. The complete combustion of 3.20g of methanol CH3Oh raises the temperature by 12.3°C. Calculate the enthalpy change for the combustion of 1.00mol of methanol.

Answer: bit stuck here. not sure what to or how to include all the numbers.
2341.51kJ ? (by finding out the enthalpy change, then the molar mass of methanol and the moles, then using the moles to divide by the enthalpy change?)

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  1. #1 is ok.

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