Yet another question about cells. Is it true that... the colour of a necleus has not yet been discovered?


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  1. ummm... i can`t help you there... i think it is...false... again forgive me if i am wrong... my science teacher had a BIG chapter on cells... it was soooo boring... what grade of science are you in??

  2. go back an look at the other post. Tori was wrong.

    Is grey a color? One can see the nucleus in cells as a darkened circle (mainly because it is thick).

  3. srry... i was told it wasn`t discovered... that they could be all diff colors...:(

  4. they normally can be many colors, because they stain very easily. This was why the name chromatin came about for the nucleus, it was discovered very early that a wide variety of stains colored the nucleus different from the cell, and one could see the colored nucleus very easily in a microscope.

  5. Thank you i guess my teacher... (or book) lied

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