I need help coming up with an idea on the drawing a political cartoon for the Bill of Rights. I am not for the bill of rights, and I don't know what to do?? Please help me?

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  1. If you're opposed to the Bill of Rights, you probably believe that as an aristocrat/rich/well-born, the "Great Unwashed" shouldn't challenge your authority to rule over them.

    Can you imagine, people without much money, prestige, or importance having RIGHTS that challenge YOU?

    Who's going to pay for this "fair trial" nonsense?

    You have the "right" religion. Others should follow your religion because you know best; your word comes from God.

    Freedom of speech? Every demigod will harrangue you from every street corner. Insulting!

    Bear arms? We'd have war in the streets!

    You get the idea. I hope this sparks some ideas for your cartoon.

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. You're very welcome.

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