Consider the reaction shown:

452 kcal + 4 PCl5 (s) �¨ P4 (s) + 10 Cl2(g)
This reaction is ________ because the sign of ĢH is ________.
A) exothermic; neither positive nor negative
B) endothermic; positive
C) endothermic; negative
D) exothermic; positive
E) exothermic; negative

2 answers

  1. I answered one of these questions MUCH further up before I noticed the plethora of questions you have posted and I quit. No one here will do your homework for you. If you wish to go back and look at each of your questions, then post what you think the answer is and why (and something about how you go about working it), someone will be happy to help you. Otherwise, I think this will be a dry run for you.

  2. Look up delta H in your text or notes. Delta H is negative for exothermic reactions.

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